Olle Nordell

Senior creative director and copywriter based in Sweden. Collaborates with like-minded brands, marketing departments, agencies and freelancers on high-passion projects, creating change and fun.


I develop a voice for the brand, organization or company - resulting in a tonality that glues all communication, across all media. The language reveals the attitude and ’the why’ of the brand, and is an important tool in engaging followers. Understanding and liking, is based on what you say, but equally important, how you say it. 

Creative Direction

I take on the role of Creative Director, to boost and coach marketing teams or take lead on client projects, campaigns and brand processes. This often involve end responsibility for creation, development, presentation and execution - and of me joining key management teams on long or short term to realize new creative campaigns and strategies. 

Brand Strategy

I work on strategizing a brand’s creative way forward, developing different key communication platforms that are easy and hands on for anyone within the organization. The scope can be short or long term, but always with the clear aim to make a new concept come alive across all media, markets and regions.

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