These are just a few of the brands that I have been working with - either as part of an agency, or directly. I tend to dig in deeper when I am personally engaged by the brand's offer, attitude and culture. Which says a lot about how most humans function. Engagement lead to more followers. And optimizing that potential is in short what my assignments are about.


As a generalist my work spans a wide range of businesses and brands, from NGO's to global retail. Cars, media, tourism, fashion. I love getting involved with teams and companies that are passionate about their existence, and what they bring to the table.


Thru the years I have been at creative ad agencies as copywriter and/or creative director. This is still great fun and an environment I contribute heavily to - but I also join marketing departments directly, sometimes for long stretches where I team up (and sometimes lead) creative development, campaigns and global strategies. 


I have been fortunate to work with some amazingly talented people over the years, and we have won in shows such as Guldägget, Cannes Lions, Epica, One Show, Eurobest, 100-Wattaren, Resumé, New York Festivals and more. In 2005 I was awarded with Guldskrift (’Copywriter of the Year’). I have also served as a jury member or category chairman at Guldägget, Eurobest, 100-Wattaren, Resumé, Guldskriftakademin, and a few others. 

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