Olle Nordell

Senior creative director and copywriter based in Sweden. Love the trade, and collaborate frequently with like-minded brands, agencies and freelancers on high-passion projects, creating change and fun. Stationed in Sweden, but readily available for projects worldwide. 


I work for creative agencies as well as for brands and marketing departments, developing tonality, long copy, concepts, tag lines and brand strategies - unleashing the often under-used force of a brand voice that can unite, stir up, and build change. 

Creative Direction

In some assignments I commit to the role of Creative Director, often on international brands looking to migrate toward SoMe and find a big idea that works in all markets - creating a conceptual creative strategy that moves both habits and sales. 

Cogs Creative

I'm affiliated with Cogs Creative, which is a small assault team of senior creatives with some 15+ years in advertising. We are NOT an agency. We are creative coaches, looking to join existing marketing departments - boosting the creativity that's already there. 

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